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AGROGREEN® is completely (100%) biodegradable and its environmental impact is negligible, hence more predictable. Being non-toxic in nature, leeching of Agrogreen® from soils into water catchments and water tables is not harmful.

Stonelane is proud to offer three important organic products: fertilizer, cleaner and bug spray.

Agrogreen 4–1–1 and AgroBlitz 6–2–2 are liquid fertilizers that promote plant health, vitality and yield. These fertilizers are used at Stonelane and have resulted in beautiful flowers and excellent vegetables. Environmentally friendly and easy to use, they are perfect for the home garden.

Bio–Klean is an industrial strength cleaner concentrate derived from botanical extracts. We use it all over the
Orchard – in the office, house and shop. Safe for people, pets and the environment, tests have found Bio–Klean 99% effective in eliminating bacteria and germs which cause food poisoning.

Bug Spray
Natural Body Spray is very different from most insect repellents. The idea of spraying ourselves with an insecticide is not appealing for many reasons and so we tried Deet Free Body Spray. The true test was
Richard – mosquitoes love him. We are pleased to say “It worked”, and to offer this product to our Stonelane customers.