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Juniperus – Junipers
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Blue Chip Juniper
This compact groundcover has fine, steel blue foliage that retains its colour throughout the year.
Blue Star Juniper
Height: 30cm/1ft
Spread: 125cm/4ft
Unusually compact, very slow growing. Bright steely–blue star shaped foliage
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Buffalo Juniper
Height: 30cm/1ft
Spread: 150cm/5ft
Has bright green foliage with dense spreading form. Produces juniper berries that add to the ornamental value of this shrub.
Calgary Carpet
Height: 30cm/1ft
Spread: 150cm/5ft
Hardiness: Zone 3
Dense bright green spreading carpet. Very hardy.
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Gold Pfitzer Juniper
Height: 90cm/3ft
Spread: 250cm/8ft
Medium height spreader, gray green foliage. New growth tips golden yellow.
Moonglow Juniper
Height: 4m/13ft
Spread: 1.25m/4ft
This compact shrub has a dense conical growth habit with intense blue–grey foliage year–round.
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Prince of Wales Juniper
Height: 15cm/6inches
Spread: 175cm/6ft
Forms dense dark green mat groundcover, purplish tinge in winter. Very hardy.
Wichita Juniper
Height: 4m/13ft
Spread: 1.5m/4ft
A broad pyramidal form with dense foliage that is bright blue year–round.
Picea – Spruce
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Balsam Fir
Height: 40 75ft
Spread: 15–25ft
Foliage: Needles are dark green with a grey stripe.
Balsam Fir, a very fragrant tree, is an attractive pyramidal evergreen with a symmetrical growth habit. Prefers a rich, well–drained soil and requires ample moisture.
Bird’s Nest Spruce
Height: 60cm/2ft
Spread: 90cm/3ft
Very dwarf shrub with semi–erect branches that curve outward, leaving a small nest–shaped depression in the centre of the plant.
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Blue Globe
Height: 1m/3ft
Spread: 1.25m/4ft
Hardiness: Zone 3
Naturally dwarf, dense globular form maintains shape without assistance. Bluish needs make it a valued ornamental shrub.
Colorado Blue Spruce
Height: 20m/66ft
Spread: 8m/26ft
Tall narrow pyramidal form. The colour varies from blue–green to silver.
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Meyer Spruce
Height: 10m/30ft
Spread: 6m/18ft
Hardiness: Zone 3
Upright branching habit with blue–green needles. Tight compact form. Tolerates a wide range of soils including heavy, wet and dry conditions and also does well in full sun and hot conditions.
Weeping Norway Spruce
Height: 1.75m/6ft
Spread: 3m/10ft
An interesting specimen tree with a strong weeping form that can cascade over a small embankment or be trained to grow upright. This specimen will be the talk of the neighbourhood!